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Buster Keaton cameraman

Movie Crazy

As a filmmaker approaches the age that her mother died, she becomes so obsessed with her movie that she alienates everyone around her.

The In-Lawbreakers

A reformed forger hires stand-ins for his grifter folks but they foil his plans and show up at his wedding.

Sex Goddess

When an uptight New Yorker discovers her fiancé has slept with three of her bridesmaids, she vows revenge by becoming a heartless seducer.

The Ghost from Arizona

After a former Wall Street wiz kid loses everything, he travels to Arizona to win back his girl, but must fight his limo driver as his rival. Placed in the top 12% out of 6,380 entries in the 2009 Nicholl Fellowship.


Second Acts

Original one-hour drama series. A former undercover cop uses his expertise to shepherd troubled people into a new life — as long as they’re willing to die first.


Spec for Season 2 of Mad Men.


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